Monday, January 26, 2015

Transfer! Boise East! Downtown Baby!

We had a really great last week together as a companionship with Sister Lassen! We started it off by going ice skating with the Zone again AND Sister Lassen didn't fall at all this time! She got some pointers from an ice skaters in our ward. The secret is to grab your knees when you feel like you are going to fall! SO with that advice it went from 13 falls to 0! Whoot Whoot! We had lunch at this great place called Zuppas! It's new here and originated in Utah its delicious! We had dinner with the cutest Indian family! She is from India and moved to the states when she was 6 and has 4 of the cutest kids and is expecting now too!!! One of her daughters loves to sit by me and come talk to me at church! She is only 5! Then we had FHE with the Longhurst's, who are awesome as well! We had a really fun night!
  Tuesday we took care of the 3 baptismal forms and took them into the mission office so they could send all the info to Salt Lake and get their membership numbers ready! Got to say bye to quite a few of people. So I have to admit I was really scared to let Allison get baptized because there was a chance she would become inactive because of her family. But Ashley really has a desire to go to the temple and get her fiancĂ©e there with her! I pray that he will accept visits from the Sisters and get baptized soon! That night we were suppose to go over to start the new member lessons with Hunter but we ended up just talking to Sister Barnes about the most weird stuff!!! hahaha If I've ever had a strange conversation with you times that by 10 and you'll get our conversation! hahaha
   Wednesday we got Henry all ready for his baptismal interview and set that all up. He is such a hoot!!! Just because I got called to Boise, Idaho doesn't mean I won't eat exotic weird food! hahha The Minors took us to this Ethiopian restaurant to eat. We got to eat with our fingers! We were so excited at first, then started eating it and half way through we looked at each other and we both instantly knew that neither one of our stomachs actually liked it....but then we couldn't pass up getting some Freddys custard after! hahaha So yes! I am so happy to be in Idaho where I don't have to feel the way I did after eating that food 24/7! hahaha We went to New Beginnings, which was a blast! Their invitations were plane tickets to Celestial Skies! When we got their they stamped our hands and let us on board to the Relief Society model "airplane"! It was super cute! All the leaders were dressed up like a stewardess! I didn't get a picture! They even brought pretzels and water bottles down the row to the "passengers"! After that we saw Lacie and she agreed to go to the YSA ward when her kids were at their dads. She is only 29 for crying out loud! hahaha
    Thursday, we did our last weekly planning/ popcorn time! Juanita called us to come help her pack some things up in her car to take to storage. we were already to leave and Sister Hatcher pulls up and we fill up her van. Sister Hatcher always saves the day! While we were organizing the storage unit a little more we set up a time to get a ton of missionaries and move the rest of the boxed up stuff to the storage unit with Sister Hatchers help! I just really wanted to get her stuff out of there before I left so they could start working on the house sooner and she can be back in sooner too! We had dinner with the Minors and they took us to Chile's and then she gave both me and Sister Lassen a quilt that she had made for us! She is so talented and super sweet!!!
      Friday sooooo many missionaries showed up to help move stuff and we got it all over there with 3 loads! She has this huge Storage Unit and its packed to the roof of the 2 story unit! We kinda overwhelmed her with all those missionaries but it will be less overwhelming for her now that she has all that out of the way to pack the rest and take it over herself. It was a really productive day!
   Saturday morning we were graced by an Apostle of the Lord, Elder Russel M Nelson! We took a big group picture with him then got to shake his hand! Elder Martino of the 2nd Quorum of the 70 and Elder Alder, our Area of the 70 came as well to talk to us missionaries! So we were able to be together in the chapel with our whole mission, which never really happens! It was great to be all together even though I really don't know half of them! hahaha  Ive decided in order to be an Apostle you have to have soft hands! hahaha. He taught us soo much! One thing I really liked was when he translated the word repentance into the Greek meaning. meta no eo is repentance in Greek. meta means to change. No eo  can mean nous which means mind, gnos meaning knowledge pneuma meaning spiri and pneo meaning breath. So in all the word repentance in Greek means to change your mind knowledge spirit and breath! How cool! I have learned on my mission that repentance is to change and become more like our Savior by asking Heavenly Father to help us with our weaknesses. They all talked about the Gathering of Israel, which we are a big part of! Elder Nelson also told us that we are apostles! lower case a. in greek that can be broken down to apo meaning away setline meaning this place. So us as missionaries, we go away from our homes as apostles that share the Gospel, to help others come unto Christ. One thing that Sister Nelson told us that really hit me and and helped my testimony grow is that when we were in the pre mortal life I knew that I would be sent to Boise, Idaho to serve my mission! I loved that and the Spirit testified to me that it was true! Someone didn't just throw a dart and say she should go here but Heavenly Father needed and put me here on purpose! Later that night we took Lacie to a YSA fireside that Elder Nelson was also speaking at and introduced her to the sisters, then left!
    Church was awesome today!!! Hunter passed the sacrament for the first time! He did so well then he told his mom that it was great!!!! So exciting!!!! He rushed over to me afterward and gave me a handshake and said bye! Such a sweet boy! Henry's baptism was great! He was a hoot!!! He came up out of the water and asked if that was it and then that he had water up his nose! He told me he was going to miss me and that he loves stretch, that's me! Even though I am a pain in his butt! hahahaha That's me :D!
  So I have been transferred to downtown Boise. Boise East to be exact! I am with Sister Schulte who was Sister Delahoydes trainee! This is going to be a blast! I am going to learn so much from her she has only been out for 3 months but is on fire and such a great missionary! AND her Sister is serving in the Mesa mission so keep an eye and ear out for her! I love this work and the Gospel of Jesus Christ soooo much!!!! I only have 73 pages of the Old Testament left and definitely have a stronger love of the Book of Mormon now because of that!!!!! hahahaha I love you all soo much and wish the best for you and wish that you could all experience at least 1/16th of the love and growth I have experienced in your own lives!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
p.s. turns out I can't send pictures when my camera is dead....whoda thunk!

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